easy updating

Let me be honest with you; keeping up with updates isn't always easy! However, there are some things that you can do to help make updates less painless and more fun.

First are things you yourself can do, then a section on staff, and then sneaky hints on getting your members to pitch in!

for the TCG owner

If you find that you have trouble getting your games updated and forms answered on time, here's some things you can try to make it easier on yourself.

keep information on hand
It's a great idea to keep a list of trivia questions, character profiles, quotes, or other information that you can draw on in order to update quickly. This way, you won't have to poke around the internet trying to find information when it's time to update. You can also keep extra mp3s, warped images, puzzle images, and other bits of media together with a list of game questions and answers.

use a forum in place of emailed forms
If you have access to a forum, consider using it! While some members don't like using forums, they are an excellent tool for reducing the email workload since forum responsibilities can be divided up among staff members. Level ups, masteries, freebies, card claims - they can all be done easily in a forum environment. If your forum is part of the TCG from the very start, that's even better than trying to get members to use it later on.

change games that are hard to update
If there's a game or two that you absolutely hate updating, don't be afraid to change it! The purpose of the TCG is for everyone to have fun, not for the owner to torture herself. If you hate updating hidden links, try replacing it with bingo or lottery. If you have a hard time finding a quote every week, try a simple logic puzzle instead. Members usually don't mind when games are switched out; they will only be upset if you remove games completely, leaving them fewer ways to earn cards.

create multiple easy to update games
In my experience, puzzles are easy as pie to update and the members love them too! Capitalize on this by having multiple themed puzzles in your TCG; easy/hard, anime/manga, photoshoot/character, whatever works! Other easily updated games are memory, warped card, warped image, wishing well, lucky match (reward members for having certain cards), and, of course, freebies! Remember, members LOVE getting cards, so it's important to have a balance of easy vs hard games.

for staff

Your staff is an invaluable resource! Don't be afraid to hand out some of the responsibilities to other TCG members; many would love to help you out! Check the hiring staff section for information on how to find and "hire" dependable staff members.

ask staff to make suggestions
Your staff members are also TCG members; be sure to ask them for suggestions on how to run the TCG more efficiently. Listen carefully! These members are on staff because they love your TCG. Their suggestions are not made lightly; they're probably afraid of upsetting you and feeling shy, so any feedback you get should be taken very seriously.

find staff members for things you don't like doing
If you don't like answering forms, why not hire a staff member to handle them? Is there a game you'd love to keep but just can't stand updating? Chances are that the games and forms you don't like working with will be easy for someone else. Everyone's tastes are different!

for members

If you're sneaky like me, you can get your regular TCG members to help with updates too! Try these ideas.

allow game donations
Allow your members to donate one or two sets of games per month. If your TCG updates on Monday and Thursday, you could allow a maximum of two donations per month, one for each game set. Since your members won't be able to play the games they donated, be sure to keep track of who sent your games, AND to reward members well for their efforts! If you don't offer enough replacement cards for game donations, members won't be interested in helping.

bribery! ^o^
Offer card or token rewards in exchange for new game ideas or trivia questions. In fact, you could even hold a mini contest to see who can come up with the toughest trivia question or the most challenging warped image. Be sure to reward everyone who enters, and save all of the entries for future use. You've got yourself a nice pile of game donations!