TCG hosting

TCG hosting includes the following goodies:

- a subdomain of your choosing (
- 500MB of webspace
- unlimited transfer/bandwidth
- one MySQL database
- one phpBB3 forum installation and setup
- your new online friend, Rahenna ^o^


Please read all of these rules carefully before applying for hosting, as we will be enforcing them strictly.

01 :: Most importantly, you MUST treat myself, Marfisa, and all other hostees with respect. If I am provided with proof (email or chat log) of you being rude to anyone, action will be taken.

02 :: Please move into your webspace within two weeks. After two weeks, your subdomain may be removed and you'll have to apply for hosting again.

03 :: You MUST have a link back to In the Cards on your site at all times. This should ideally be on every page of your site (in the menu, for example) but a link on the splash page is also acceptable. The link must be readily visible. Use the link button shown below, please.

04 :: Usernames must be at least two characters long; passwords must be at least six. Usernames and passwords can contain letters or numbers only.

05 :: Your website may not offer ANY illegal media or entertainment downloads - NO videos, NO music, etc. However, you may use mp3s for a "guess the song" game.

06 :: You MUST include a link to a sample of your in-progress TCG. I want to see that you are serious about making a TCG. I won't judge the subject, quality, or anything else - I just want to see that you intend to follow through.

07 :: You must give credit for any game ideas, concepts, and scripts that you use - including scripts from THIS site!

08 :: If your TCG is abandoned without a hiatus announcement, it will be deleted without notification after three months. Dead sites that have forms, comment scripts, and forums are a prime target for spam and other nasty things.

ready to move on?

I'm actually a nice person. Honest. If you're not sure if something you want to do will break a rule, just ask! The rules are built on the principles of courtesy and legality and are not meant to stifle your creativity, but to protect the rights and creativity of others.

Still with me? Feel free to apply for hosting now!